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Dialogs Extension Free Download for Thunkable

Dialogs Extension Free Download for Thunkable: Me Aaj Aap Logo ko Thunkable or appybuilder ke liye bhut hi acha extension dena vala hu jiska name Dialogs Extension he.

Dialogs Extension OverView

Dialogs Extension Free Download for Thunkable

Extension Created by Helios aka Vishwas Adiga

Dialogs Extension Features:

  • title: Title of the input dialog
  • defaultText: Text that is set when the dialog is shown
  • hint: Hint for the input
  • fullscreen: T/F whether the dialog should span the entire screen
  • cancelable: T/F whether the dialog can be cancelled by the user. If false, the cancelButtonText will not be shown
  • inputType: (integer) This determines the type of input. Can have values from 1 to 7. Below is a directory to their usage
  • buttonText: The text of the positive button
  • cancelButtonText: The text of the negative button
  • textColour: expects a hex colour code for the text colour (example: #000000)
  • hintColour: expects a hex colour code for the hint text colour (example: #ededed)

More Details:

  1. Normal text input, suits most purposes
  2. Text password input, for entering masked text
  3. Name input, capitalises the first letter of each word.
  4. Email address input, changes keyboard layout for ease of input
  5. Number input, self explanatory
  6. Numerical password input, to enter masked numbers
  7. Date/time input, changes keyboard layout to facilitate entry of dates and time.

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