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The only batsman to make 37 runs in an 1 over in the history of IPL

IPL History: 37 runs in an 1 over

World Record 1 Over 37 Run By Chris Gayle
World Record 1 Over 37 Run By Chris Gayle

In all IPL matches, we get to see many big shots, but in the 2011 IPL 2011, the spectators were shocked when a batsman in the IPL overhauled 36 runs but not 37. These miracle batsmen were none other than Chris Gayle of West Indies. In a 2011 IPL match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kochi Tuskers Kerala, Gayle scored 37 runs in an over while batting with the Royal Challengers Bangalore.
Kochi Tuskers Kerala’s bowler Parasnath Parmeswaran put the most expensive over in IPL history. On Chris Gayle’s first ball of the innings, Chris gave a huge six.
After that Parasnath’s next ball was no ball and Gayle gave a long six stroke on this ball. After that, Chris Gayle made four fours in the next two balls. After that, Chris Gayle completed 37 runs in this over with two consecutive sixes in the next two balls and fours on the third ball.
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Updated: 2018-02 — 4:32 am

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