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New Update 2018: Xiaomi Mi A1 has comes Oreo Update Again

Xiaomi MI A1 again release Oreo update for their devices. last time Oreo update was cancelled by xiaomi MI A1 for some days which because of it’s bugs. All the show me MI A1 users have to face many problems while the Oreo update therefore they stop the audio update for sometime the update was come in 2018 in the starting and it was cancelled for a couple of weeks.

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Now are you have come and now we have to see what would it will do.
Problems comes after update:-
Xiaomi MI A1 user have to face many problems like opening in camera and Slow speed. More battery consumption , it takes too much battery in sometime therefore they have cancelled the update for some time now the update again comes now there are no any bug . So you can easily download the update and install it in your device because it is too good and you have to use.
If I talk about my opinions you can survey with the people who have Xiaomi MI A1. And after the survey you will find what you have to do install it or not. Thanks for visiting and please follow our channel if you like this article please like our channel and stay with us.


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